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Austin is a city of tacos-for-every-meal and thin-crust pizza. While we get damn creative with what is allowed to grace the inner fold of ground-and-pressed corn, we’re a bit like a finicky child when it comes to the flour-to-sauce ratio of our pizza pies. That might be set to change soon, thanks to the two brothers that run this East Side trailer. They’re one-upping Homeslice’s “In Crust We Trust” banner by putting their dough where their mouths are: in mightily-crusted square pies cooked in industrial steel pans liberated from their work in motor city assembly lines.

The Gist

Flavor: intense, and well balanced.

Feeling triggered when biting into it: primordial bliss.

Cost: $3 slices, $11–16 pies (4 thick slices).

Probability of someone bitching about the price: high.

Probability said person hasn’t tried the pizza: higher.

Time before I eat it again: Less than a week.

website, menu. Open evenings and nights, closed Sunday and Monday.

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